Youth Speaker Testimonials

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Administrator Testimonials

“This is, by far, the simplest and most common-sense approach (to bullying) that I’ve ever heard.”

Andrea Korreck

Principal, Perry Township Schools

I have spent my career researching anti-bullying programs and never found one that offered a solution. This one does! Jeff’s is the most practical and helpful that I have encountered.

Dr. Brian Hazeltine

Superintendent, Algoma Schools

I learned so much at Jeff’s presentation.  He kept me engaged for the full hour and a half session and did a great job of being self-depricating and authentic.

Leigh Walker

School Board Trustee, Coppell ISD

If you want to give students and staff real life skills that they can use to be successful, this is the training for you. 

Everything that Jeff teaches and models will not only help for what is happening now in their lives, but also will be skills they will use the rest of their lives. 

Our students and staff loved his message and so will you. You will be very happy that you booked him.

Stephen Schreibeis

Superintendent, Glendive Public Schools

Our school counselor has been passionately reviewing the peace sign with many of our students in the week since your recent visit.  I am glad to hear it is still beneficial to them even a year later!

Thanks for coming out to talk with our parent group last night! There were a few moments where your words struck me as exactly what I want our entire community to hear and embrace.

Abby Grioux

Principal, All Saints Academy

Our event was an overwhelming success!  Our students, faculty & staff, and parents were all thrilled with Jeff’s work and many have asked if he can return. 

Working with Jeff was seemless at every step.  From the advance materials and communication to his dynamic and inspiring presentations, Jeff and his team were professional, efficient, and effective.  I look forward to welcoming Jeff back.

Connie Lauferskey

Director, White Rock Montessori

Jeff’s message was exactly what we needed for students to hear…we want them to build more resiliency and learn how to address problems when they occur. He was personable and engaged well with the students.

This program was  easy to host and we would definitely invite him back in the future. I would highly recommend Jeff to others as the set up is the easiest we have dealt with and his connection with the students was very positive.

Brian Smith

Executive Principal, Falcon Middle School

Laughter, tears, and standing ovation!

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Government Leader Testimonial

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers

“This program is one of the best I’ve ever seen at getting practical results and helping young people in conflict resolution. I highly recommend this program to any educational institution and youth development organization in the world.”

— Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers

World Peace Ambassador, Universal Peace Federation
IPI Representative to the United Nations

Educator Testimonials

Teachers and students were emotionally touched by your presentation. You not only equipped our students with tools to defuse bullying, but teachers as well. Your profound steps made it simple and easy for any student. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dr. Henry Haye

Teacher, Windham Middle School

I don’t think I’ve ever seen our staff that mesmerized in a training before. There was great information! We will certainly use this.

Lori Robinson

Health Coordinator, Godwin Heights Public Schools

In all of my years in education, I’ve never seen a speaker hold this group‘s attention. That was phenomenal!

Erik Villanueva

Teacher, Lounsberry Hollow Middle School

Are you aware that you brought a special needs student and the biggest bully in school onstage to volunteer with you? For the last week our teachers have been trying to figure out how you knew to pick them. Everyone was amazed to see that even the BIGGEST bully in the school couldn’t bully you when you responded in love. You got through to a student that we’ve all struggled to reach and showed the other students what’s possible. Thank you!

Jane Smith

Teacher, Nashville Jr. High School

Mental Health Professional Testimonials

Our staff have told me that this is one of the BEST trainings by far that we have ever provided!  We will certainly have Jeff back.

Keri DeBruin

Supervisor, D.A. Blodgett /St. John's Home for Children

I was able to put Jeff’s teachings into play right after hearing his presentation. One of my clients was having trouble with bullying and severe depression. After practicing Jeff’s skills, he has stopped cutting, reports feeling much better about himself, and reports a significant decrease in bullying.

Gary Watson

Therapist, Turning Point Therapy

Jeff has a gift that is unparalleled to any other speaker out there.  As a mother I was moved by his ability to capture me into his story and reflect upon my son’s experience as a victim of bullying.  As a clinician, I felt the power of his message and an urgency at which I feel the need to share his message with the world.

Jeff captivates the audience from the moment he says hello.  He is able to keep you drinking from his fountain of experience and remain thirsty for more.  He is not selling you a story or a program.  When he is speaking he is giving you a part of himself on that stage; what you do with the experience is up to you.

I am confident that every time he speaks, he is saving a victim, stopping a bully, and helping someone to stand up and make a difference.

Jamie Lafontsee

Lead Clinician, Wedgwood Christian Services

Event Coordinator Testimonials

First of all I wanted to say a huge thank you for your contribution to a great conference. I knew that your energy and humor would be a great way to close the day. I’ve heard great feedback and we are looking forward to continuing to work together.

Keli Wickersham

Girl Bullying & Empowerment National Conference Coordinator, Developmental Resources & AccuTrain

I thoroughly enjoyed Jeff’s presentation because I could see the faces of the kids engaging with him and following his story. The bang of his presentation was so simple yet profound about overcoming bullying.

The way Jeff opened his heart about his own life and the restoration of him and his mom was shocking and shaking, something young people need to hear.

Jorge Ballivian

Student Events Coordinator, Tri-County Schools

Student Testimonials

When you used the peace approach​ against me when I was “bullying” you, I was baffled. This technique is honestly the best I have ever heard of, because I have experienced it first-hand. Thanks for showing me a new way of coping with bullying and also building up my resilience!


Middle School Student

I tried the tricks that you taught me on the girl that was bullying me. At first she asked why I was acting weird, then she said “why aren’t you getting mad?” On Friday she asked me to come to her house for dinner. This girl has seriously been bullying me for over a year! Thank you!


Middle School Student

You changed my attitude towards my whole life. The last couple of months have been the best of my life. I’ve been stronger, happier and full with a passion that before was just gone. That was something I thought I could never do. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it changed me.


High School Student

I got to witness the assembly today and I loved it. It was so deep, yet humorous at the same time. I’d just like to personally thank Mr. Veley. The most powerful lesson I learned was the peace sign. You’re one heck of an inspiration. Thank you.


Middle School Student

You made a huge impact on our school.  There’s a boy in my class who is bullied because he has autism and ever since your speech the kid who was bullying him has started trying to be friends with him.  It’s really died down since you came.


High School Student

Parent Testimonials

I was amazed that you were able to help my son who has autism. You helped a kid who doesn’t understand social skills learn how to respond to bullying. Nothing else we tried had worked.


Elementary School Parent

I’m here for the parent event because my daughter came home today and could not stop talking about your presentation. You definitely made an impact.


High School Parent

My son used Jeff’s techniques at school and shared with me that his bullies no longer pick on him. Thank you so much for your help! It works!


Middle School Parent

My daughter used the Peace Sign and after one week the bullying stopped.  A year later she is still not having any problems and has grown in her confidence.


Middle School Parent