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Bullying Prevention Presentations

Youth Motivational Speaker

Jeff Veley makes social and emotional learning fun.  He teaches students (of all ages) how to stop mean behavior and grow in emotional resilience.  His empowering speech has reached over one million students and earned two international awards. 

An Overview of Jeff’s Message

I have spent my career researching anti-bullying programs and never found one that offered a solution.  This one does!  Jeff’s is the most practical and helpful that I have encountered.

— Dr. Brian Hazeltine, Superintendent, Algoma Schools

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Key Content

The exact points that Jeff will cover with your audience.


Social Aggression: Replacing the abstract, unhelpful , and overused word “bullying” with clear language.

The Anger Illusion:  Why getting upset makes things worse.

The Peace Sign:  The two-step approach to stop mean behavior.

Resilience:  How to protect your feelings and leverage adversity for psychological growth.

Coping Skills:  How to release stress and promote mental health.

The Golden Rule:  How kindness helps manage enemies.

Presentations for All Ages

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Follow-Up Materials

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