Virtual Presentations

How we’re empowering more people through school assembly broadcasts, professional development, and parent presentations.

Youth Speaker Cameras ZOOM Screens

I’ve been doing virtual events since before it was cool (a.k.a. 2020). There are no awkward up-the-nose webcam shots. Instead, you’ll join me from my state of the art broadcast studio, located in East Texas.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Virtual Event

  1. It is the most affordable way to host a live event.
  2. Easiest to attend! Students, staff, and parents can join from anywhere.
  3. Wider availability (I block out 1 week each month for virtual events).
  4. Highly interactive. Our presentations are run live a TV show but also include I use interactive tools like polling, videos guests, and more.
  5. I bring students “onstage” to show how to stop a hater. It’s hilarious!
  6. You get professional recording (in HD) to use in the future!
  7. Greater impact and unlimited attendance! I can reach your entire district or entire city in just 3 presentations (elementary, middle, high).
  8. Technology is stress-free!. Just log on and hit play. No issues with the old sound system in the gym or rearranging a space to fit everyone.
  9. It’s comfortable. Hundreds of kids and adults packed onto the bleachers is not the ideal learning environment.
  10. It’s an unforgetable experience! I’ve built a custom studio to do things that would never work in-person.

I’ve never been that engaged on a ZOOM meeting, ever!  We felt like we were watching a TV show. It’s hard to believe that the training was 7 hours. The time flew by and we left wanting more. I’ve been a part of many virtual trainings and I’ve never felt that way before. It was unbelievable!

Jacquelyn Van Orden

Principal, Vernon Township School District

Watch: The origin story of Jeff’s studio, built during the pandemic.

Tour Jeff’s Broadcast Studio

Jeff’s studio uses the latest technology to provide a TV-broadcast quality presentation in high-definition that’s highly interactive.

Instead of another boring ZOOM-meeting, your audience will be able to interact with Jeff (and one another) in ways that aren’t possible in-person. We love bringing educators and parents together from around the world!

First built in April of 2020, Jeff’s studio continues to grow. It’s now in it’s 10th iteration whcih features multiple sets, moving cameras, and screens. This allows Jeff to use his drum set, large-scale illusions, plus see and interact with your audience live, in real-time.

Letter from Jeff Veley

My Friends,

Educators are facing the ever-increasing social and emotional needs of staff and students, while recovering from the pandemic. It’s led to burnout for everyone involved and a worldwide mental health crisis. 

Over the last 10 years, I’ve taught over 1 million kids and grownups how to face adversity, resolve conflicts, and overcome obstacles.

It is possible to leverage adversity for psychological growth, and I’m committed to teaching you how.

If we want to change our reality, we must learn how to manage our emotions, cope with uncertainty, and treat others the way we want to be treated.

Gen-Z is experiencing more mental health problems than any other generation in history. Anxiety and aggression is at an all-time high. Let’s teach them new skills to overcome and build emotional resilience!

Together, we can build the emotional resilience of staff and students.
Let’s partner to bring hope to your community!

Helping Empower YOUth,

Jeff Veley


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