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Welcome Truth or Consequences Parents!

Below is a special library of resources compiled specifically for your district.  There’s a wealth of content waiting for you to hit “Play”.

Enjoy learning from myself and my colleagues, Dr. Brooks Gibbs (school psychologist/sociologist) and Chris Scheufele (Texas Teacher of the Year).

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Contact team@jeffveley.com.  We’re always happy to help!

Empowering YOUth,
Jeff Veley

The Peace Sign Approach

Resilience Education for Bullying Prevention


Your Game Plan for Aggression

The Social & Emotional Learning Series

Looking for Amy

One Small Act of Kindness

Finding Hope

Coping with COVID-19

When It All Falls Apart

Coping with a Crisis

Where Are You Going?

Making Positive Choices

Digging through the Junkyard

The ABC’s of Anger – Anger Management Part 1

Beating the Countdown

Coping with Anger – Anger Management Part 2

A Humbling Trip Home

The Power of Ignoring Haters