School Assembly Broadcast

Virtual Tech Check



  • For best results, be sure that both on-campus and off-campus devices can access www.JeffVeley.com and www.YouTube.com.  Set the gear icon to 720p or 1080p (if you have a stable, high-speed internet connection).  If you can view the video below, YouTube is unblocked.
  • Some schools do not have the internet bandwidth to play the live stream in every classroom.  Contact your Information Technology department and share your plans with them.  We suggest limiting the number of devices that are playing the stream from the same internet network and conducting a Stress Test, before the event.
  • To Stress Test your internet network, play a YouTube livestream from all of the devices that you will have connected on event day. It’s helpful to have your Information Technology team monitor this process.
  • Our broadcast feed will start 15 minutes early, with a countdown timer starting when there are 10 minutes remaining.  Your custom will be emailed to our main school contact person. 
  • A KAHOOT code will be provided during the broadcast, for students to participate on their devices.
  • A Guest Video link will be emailed to our main contact person so that 1 student volunteer can join the live broadcast for an improvisational game.  Please ask the student to join from a quiet room and wear headphones or earbuds.  The best volunteers aren’t afraid to cut loose.  Please choose a student with plenty of personality.  :o)

See you soon!
– Jeff Veley

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Jeff Veley Bullying Prevention Speaker

Meet Jeff Veley

Jeff Veley is an award-winning youth motivational speaker, social skills educator, and entertainer who specializes in resilience education for bullying prevention.

An advocate for social and emotional learning, Jeff is the co-author of Golden Rule Ambassadors, SQUABBLES®, and Bigfoot Gets Bullied (a #1 Amazon best seller).  Over 1 million people have been impacted by Jeff’s peace-making strategies.  As a result, he’s received two international awards for effectiveness in conflict resolution.

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