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Social & Emotional Learning
For Schools & Home Educators

What We Offer

  • Professional Development Training for Educators. Teach kids how to manage emotions and solve social problems.
  • Video Curriculum for students. A growing library of 5 minute video lessons that include listening handouts, discussion guides, & fun activities. 
  • Certification Program for counselors and administrators. 


We produce 5 minute educational videos that teach students how to manage emotions and solve social problems.



Each lesson comes with downloadable listening handouts and discussion guides to ensure the student understands.


Bring the education to life with our fun and engaging activity guides that make each lesson interactive and unforgettable.

What’s Inside The SQUABBLES® System?

The program is a series of videos and lessons delivered by award-winning social skills educators right to your phone, tablet, or computer. You control your pace so you can work through the lessons as fast or slow as you like; our online platform will keep track of your progress so you can always pick up right where you left off.

1. Training for Educators

School teachers and home educators are perfectly positioned to teach students how to regulate their emotions and solve their social problems. Our educator training is fun, easy to remember, and highly effective. You will LOVE our techniques for managing aggression. 

Here’s what you get…

  • Video training to Rethink Bullying
  • Video training on how to intervene when aggression occurs
  • Teacher guides for each lesson
  • Posters to reinforce conflict resolution strategies

2. Student Training

I know it’s hard for teachers to pretend to be experts in aggression. Let us take the pressure off you and engage your students through fun and dynamic videos. You can simply press play and then use the teacher guides that go with each lesson for memorable classroom moments. 

Here’s what you get…

  • A starter pack of 24 videos covering topics such as resilience, the Golden Rule, verbal insults, physical aggression, fear/intimidation, social exclusion, and rumors.
  • Age-appropriate videos for lower grades (elementary) & upper grades (middle/high).
  • Discussion guides for each lesson
  • Activity guides for each lesson
  • NEW VIDEO SERIES UPLOADED EACH MONTH (A growing library of video lessons each week of the year!)

3. Certification Program (for schools only)

Administrators and school counselors are often expected to be the “resident experts” for solving social and emotional problems.

Here’s what you get…

  • 2 tickets to our virtual certification course that happens twice a year. ($1,000 value)
  • 2 Continuing Education Units per ticket (worth 10 contact hours)
  • Additional tickets are $500 each.


    Whether you are a community school or home educator,

    we have a pricing plan that will work for you.

    Take a deeper look inside the SQUABBLES program.

    Reduce aggression and build emotionally resilient kids. 

    The Meanness Matrix

    Your students will learn how to give up the unhelpful word “bullying” and use specific words to describe the unwanted behavior. This step alone curbs the vast majority of issues between parents and educators.

    The Emoji Meter

    Your students will learn how to regulate their emotions by answering three strategic questions that will help them change their perspective of the unwanted behavior.

    The Aggression Trifecta

    Your students will learn how to quickly and effortlessly identify WHY someone is being mean to them and HOW to stop the mean behavior before it escalates.

    If you’ve made it this far then you must still have
    some questions…

    • How many videos are included? Over 3 hours of video content for students, teachers and counselors. 
    • Do the videos come with handouts? The student videos have handouts. These are designed as a guide so you are equipped to lead them in learning.
    • How long is each lesson? The professional development videos for teachers varies in length; however, student lesson videos are 5 minutes exactly. 
    • How long do I have access to the material? For the whole year! Even as we make updates, you still have access and benefit from the improvements over time. We are producing a growing library of resources that your teachers and students will love! 
    • What age is ideal for this program? 2nd – 12th grades are ideal. If at any time you need extra help modifying something for your special needs student, just reach out to us.
    • What does it cost? This entire program is only $1997/yr per school site. We have created the most effective conflict resolution system on the planet, featuring the award-winning teachings of Brooks Gibbs, Jeff Veley, & Chris Scheufele. We have priced this competitively to be more affordable than the sea of over-priced anti-bullying resources. (We have multi-school and district enterprise pricing for over 20+ schools).
    • Will you really give me a refund? YES! We want to take the risk off of you and put it on us. You have 30 days to give it a try and if for any reason within those 30 days you reach out and say you want your money… done! No questions asked.