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Overview of Jeff’s Message

“Teachers and students were emotionally touched by your presentation. Your presentation not only equipped our students with tools to defuse bullying, but teachers as well. Your profound steps made it simple and easy for any student to deal with bullying. Thank you!”

— Dr. Henry Haye, Teacher, Windham Middle School

Learning Objectives

These are the exact points that Jeff will cover with your audience.


1. Participants will learn how to play a unique, improvisational game that educates children in why they are bullied, and how to stop it immediately, and with little effort.  When participants infuse this game into their current prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation efforts, they will help students grow in emotional resilience, build empathy and kindness, and develop effective leadership skills.


2. Participants will learn the top-ten socio-emotional resilience items that must be identified for a child to become truly emotionally resilient to bullying behaviors.  They will learn how to apply the “Peace Sign Approach” and role-playing game to a child’s unique area of weakness, in order to build and promote emotional strength.


3. Participants will learn a simplified definition of bullying/social aggression that allows them more clearly understand this complex issue, and how to respond to it more effectively.  Furthermore, they will learn how to keep a positive mindset that enables them to see the bullying problem as an educational opportunity for a student’s social and emotional growth.

Professional Development &
Staff In-Service Training

As a professional, who has spent several years working on the front lines in schools and residential treatment programs, Jeff truly understands how it important it is to find simple techniques that will work right away!  His training seminar teaches educators and mental health professionals the most effective ways to empower young people to solve social conflict.

Unlike many programs that rely on school-wide systems and significant time to implement, Jeff will teach you how to equip victims of bullying with social and conflict resolution skills in as little as 10 minutes.  These techniques provide students with the skills needed to respond to social aggression, and solve their own social problems.  This means that staff can focus on coaching and teaching, rather than policing and enforcing.  When put into practice, these techniques will yield immediate results.  Jeff’s training is full of laughter, audience participation, and role-playing of real-life scenarios.

(Duration: Choose from a 60-minute keynote, 90-minute interactive, 3-hour interactive, or a 6-hour/full day interactive training).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen our staff that mesmerized in a training before. There was great information! We will certainly use this.

Lori Robinson

Health Coordinator, Godwin Heights Public Schools

The “Peace Sign Approach” is in harmony with Love & Logic, WhyTry Resilience Education, PBIS, Character Education, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Merrill’s Strong Kids, Bucket Fillers, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, The Four Agreements, The Golden Rule, and wisdom from the ages.

Conference Keynote Speaker

Research has identified resilience education as a promising solution for the modern bullying problem.  The challenge is this, “How do we identify a child’s emotional weaknesses and teach them to become more emotionally resilient?”   Jeff Veley will provide tools to identify and strengthen children in their specific areas of need.

As a professional who has spent several years working on the front lines, in schools and residential treatment programs, Jeff Veley truly understands how important it is to find simple techniques that will work right away!

Unlike many programs that rely on school-wide systems and significant time to implement, Jeff’s approach focuses on empowering students with the social and emotional skills that allow them to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems immediately.

Attendees will learn a practical approach to responding to social aggression, that’s psychologically-sound, and rooted in Social and Emotional Learning.  This approach gives students the ability to change their own situation, rather than waiting on the environment around them to change.  As a result, students grow in the areas of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Educators and mental health professionals that utilize Jeff’s techniques, will find that they spend far less time intervening, and instead serve as a coach, supporting social skills education.

Jeff’s session is high-energy, and infused with stories of student success, including the best practices from the latest research on resilience, wisdom from the ages, and plenty of humor. His teaching methods include lecturing, interactive role-playing with audience members, and group discussion.

(Duration:  60-minute keynote or 90-minute interactive)

Breakout Sessions

These sessions can be added to Jeff’s keynote.


Resilience Revolution

Jeff shares stories of those that faced adversity, overcame obstacles, found potential in their pain, and turned their struggle into something positive.  It inspires students to do the same.

Becoming Cyber-Smart

How to respond to digital drama such as cyber-bullying, textual harassment, and sexting.  Jeff shares the long-term impact of an online reputation and promotes digital citizenship.

Safe Dates

This session explores the topic of dating through identifying values, recognizing signs of abuse, and understanding the components of healthy relationships.  Jeff is a SAFE DATES certified trainer and facilitator.

Anger Management

A three-step process to prevent, intervene, and positively respond to anger based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Follow Up Materials

Tangible takeaways that you can use to reinforce Jeff’s message.

Peace Cards

Wallet-sized cards for students that include social skills to respond to mean behavior, coping skills for dealing with stress,  a 24/7 crisis hotline, and a downloadable video from Jeff sharing the key points of the program through 1-on-1 teaching.

Online Training Videos

Educators, parents, and students will learn the best way to grow resilience and peacefully respond to bullying/social aggression using the ‘Peace Sign Approach’. These videos share the same information as Jeff’s live talk but are condensed into nine minutes.  Perfect for classroom viewing and easy to distribute to staff and parents through an email newsletter.

Online Learning Library

Jeff Veley Online Learning Library Video Training Courses Bullying Social AggressionUnlock the full library featuring multiple training courses for students, parents, and educators taught by Jeff and other industry professionals.  Professionally filmed and organized by topic, so that you can easily find practical solutions fast.




The Peace Sign Challenge - Role-Playing Game

Students will grow in resilience and learn socialskills to de-escalate and solve conflict through this fun online role playing game, seen in Jeff’s live program.  Place it on school issued devices such as tablets and Chromebooks.  Use the game as in the classroom as part of your social and emotional learning program and in the counseling office to empower students to solve their own social problems.
Jeff Veley plays the Peace Sign Challenge Golden Rule Game

The Peaceable School Approach to Aggression

Zero-tolerance policies are proven to make bullying worse.  This document from Jeff and the Campus Peace-Builiding Initiative will guide your school on a realistic/logical view of aggression, and how to handle it using the  best practices from psychology.  It empowers students to solve social problems, and offers appropriate disciplinary action based on the severity of behavior.  In addition, it uses conflict to build resilience, and assists parents and school staff in uniting to help students.


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