SQUABBLES® On-Demand School Curriculum License



Your Game Plan for Aggression

Conflict Resolution System

SQUABBLES® is your game plan for aggression. This “game-ified” approach to social emotional learning, conflict resolution and bullying prevention takes a playful approach to painful situations.

SQUABBLES® School License – This gives access to the entire faculty and staff to be trained in the 3-hour Grownup Training Program and a license for all staff to teach and facilitate the Student Program in every classroom on campus.

SQUABBLES® includes…

  • The Meanness Matrix:  The four categories of aggressive behavior
  • The Emoji Meter:  Easy emotion regulation
  • The Aggression Trifecta:  Three reasons why people are mean and how to stop them.
  • The Game Plan:  A fun intervention tool that helps students strategize a response to their aggressor.
  • Role-Playing Games:  The ultimate empowerment strategy – these fun games help students practice resolving conflicts and de-escalating aggressive situations.

Student Program

This is a 24-part video training called SQUABBLES® In The Movies and uses the movies that kids love to illustrate our conflict resolution strategies at work.

 We’ve included two sets of lessons to reach all ages: elementary and middle/high school.

Grownup Program

This three-hour training program will teach school staff how to intentionally build up the emotional resilience of the students they love and squash squabbles, before they cause drama or trauma.

Included is all of the bulleted resources (listed above) so that you can help students process aggression and strategize peaceful responses.  You’ll quickly be known as the FUN intervention specialist on-campus.