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SQUABBLES® is your game plan for aggression. This “game-ified” approach to social emotional learning, conflict resolution and bullying prevention takes a playful approach to a painful problem.

The SQUABBLES® Card Game - You will have laugh-out-loud fun while learning how to handle social aggression in the SQUABBLES® Card Game.

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SQUABBLES®, the Game of Conflict Resolution

The role-playing game that teaches students how to resolve conflicts before they get out of control!

About the Game

Recommended for ages 6 and up, it’s especially effective for those students who are hyper-sensitive to the mean words and actions of others. The game will teach them why someone is being mean, how to stop it, and how to grow in resilience while protecting their feelings.

Built on the SQUABBLES Theory Of Aggression, this game introduces students to the three reasons why people are intentionally mean.

Why Are People Mean?

  • They Bother to control us
  • They Joke to have fun at our expense
  • They Hurt us because they feel hurt by us

How to Play

There are two decks of cards in this game: conflict cards and resolution cards.
Once you identify why someone is being mean, you will know how to stop the mean behavior and resolve the conflict quickly.

After a conflict card is played, lay down the appropriate resolution card.
Don’t have one?  You’ll have to squabble it out.  The most entertaining squabbler wins!

Squabbles® brings a playful approach to a painful problem!

  • Parents can play it at home
  • Educators can play it in the classroom
  • Counselors can use it in the office and during classroom visits