Raise Them Strong: Parent Course

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Imagine Raising a STRONG and Resilient Child Who Can’t Be Bullied.

Raise Them Strong

This revolutionary program is designed to give you the proper tools and skills to strengthen your child’s resilience without having to already know everything.

  • Parent training taking you through the “Social & Emotional Learning Cycle”
  • Student training with parent guide for impactful conversations

Hosted by Brooks Gibbs

with Jeff Veley & Chris Scheufele

Just push play and we’ll teach the lessons. Parents/Teachers can also use the discussion questions we provide to kick-start a great conversation with your child.

Entertaining and informative video training for both parents/teachers and their kids! Great for students in 2nd through 12th grade. This course empowers you to grow in your emotional resilience, anger management, and social skills. Topics covered will help your child deal with:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Social Exclusion
  • Physical Aggression
  • Hurtful Jokes
  • Rumors
  • and much much more.

How many videos are included? 7 student video lessons, 5 parent video lessons, and 12 Q&A audio lessons.
Do the videos come with handouts? The student videos have handouts.
How long is each lesson? Student videos are between 10-15 minutes
How long do I have access to the material? For Life!
What age is ideal for this program? 2nd – 12th
Can I share this program with my school? Yes


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