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These resource cards help students respond to bullying/social aggression through printed text on the card and downloadable content.  Keep a stack of Peace Cards in the counseling office or pass them out to the whole school following Jeff’s assembly program.

Each card is the size of a credit card and easily fit in a wallet, purse, or backpack.  When students feel stuck, they can reference the card and be reminded of the social and emotional coping skills taught in Jeff’s award-winning program.  In addition, the cards feature written lines that students can use to respond to someone that is bullying them (extremely helpful for students that struggle socially).

Peace Cards Include:

  • The Peace Sign:  Two simple social skills for facing adversity, building resilience, and responding to social aggression/bullying.
  • Coping skills for dealing with stress
  • A 24/7 Crisis Hotline
  • Downloadable Video of Jeff sharing the teaching students his approach to solving social conflict one-on-one.
  • Ninja Phrases:  Clever lines that a target of bullying can say to peacefully diffuse social aggression while communicating strength and resilience.

* Minimum order is 50 cards.

If you need a specific quantity that is not listed here, email Jim Scott at team@jeffveley.com for a quote.


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100 Cards – $69.99
50 Cards – $39.99

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