Middle School Bullying Prevention Assembly

Jeff Veley is a social misfit turned social skills educator who shares two skills that stop mean behavior in as little as one week.

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“Teachers and students were emotionally touched by your presentation. It not only equipped our students with tools to defuse bullying, but teachers as well. Your profound steps made it simple and easy for any student to deal with bullying. Thank you!”

— Dr. Henry Haye, Teacher, Windham Middle School

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Through clean comedy, inspiring real-life stories, and evidence-based techniques, Jeff shares the social and emotional coping skills that helped him overcome bullying.  He shares how treating his enemies like friends transformed his life after years of being picked on at school.

Jeff Veley is a one-man variety show that teaches students how to find hope no matter their circumstances. His inspiring assembly features music and illusions, two things that Jeff used himself to emotionally cope in the midst of difficult times.

The program uses Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and resilience education to equip students with the skills that empower them to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems.  Students will learn how to be seen as a leader among their peers and turn their enemies into friends (using the Golden Rule).

The message is tailored to reach students in an entertaining way that is age-appropriate.

(Duration:  45 min or 60 min with Q&A)

Description of multi-year programming with Jeff Veley

I have spent my career researching anti-bullying programs and never found one that offered a solution. This one does! Jeff’s is the most practical and helpful that I have encountered.

Dr. Brian Hazeltine

Superintendent, Algoma Schools


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