Bullying Prevention Training for Educators & Counselors


Overview of Jeff’s Message

“That is the best training we’ve had in my 25 years of working in education.”

— Sarah B, Teacher at Crow Creek Tribal School

SQUABBLES® Learning Objectives

These are the exact points that Jeff will cover with your audience.


Identifying Types of Aggression

What happened? Partipants will learn the four types of aggression along with level 1 and level 2 interventions that are easy to remember.

This helps grownups replace the abstract, unhelpful, overued and emotionally-charged word “bullying” with clear language that gets to the root of the problem.

Managing Emotions

How do you feel? Learn the most effective ways to help students de-escalate and manage their feelings, after experiencing aggression.

With 3 questions, you can move a child from “mad” to “glad”, helping them find an updside to the let down, to foster a resilient (growth) mindset.

Resolving Conflicts

Why did they do it? How will you solve it? Once you know the 3 reasons why people are aggressive, it’s easy to tell why someone is mean and stop them in two easy steps.

The SQUABBLES® Intervention Games allows students to practice conflict resolution skills in a safe environment, with coaching, from a caring adult.

The “Peace Sign Approach” to bullying is based on best practices including social and emotional learning, resilience education, and cognitive behavior therapy.

It is in harmony with Love & Logic, WhyTry Resilience Education, PBIS, Character Education, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Merrill’s Strong Kids, Bucket Fillers, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, The Four Agreements, The Golden Rule, and wisdom from the ages.

Professional Development &
Staff In-Service Training

As a youth treatment specialist, Jeff spent over a decade on the front lines with at-risk (and high-risk) youth in schools, residential treatment, and counseling programs. He truly understands the need for simple techniques that will work quickly and easily! His experiencial training teaches educators and mental health professionals the most effective ways to empower young people to solve social problems before they escalate.

Unlike programs that rely on school-wide systems and take significant time to implement, Jeff will teach you how to empower a those targeted by social aggression (bullying) in as little as 10 minutes. 

These powerful techniques aid schools in conflict resolution by allowing teachers to teach, rather than spend their time investigating and enforcing.  Jeff’s training is full of laughter, audience participation, and role-playing of real-life scenarios.

(Duration: Choose a 60-min keynote, 90-min interactive, 3-hr interactive, or 6-hr/full day interactive training.

Jeff Veley Professional Development Training Staff in Service on Bullying Resilience Education

“Jeff’s full day training is the most powerful learning experience that I’ve had as an educator!”

Sarah Knouse

Teacher, Capital Area Intermediate Unit

If you want to give students and staff real life skills that they can use to be successful, this is the training for you.

Everything that Jeff teaches and models will not only help for what is happening now in their lives, but also will be skills they will use the rest of their lives.

Our students and staff loved his message and so will you. You will be very happy that you booked him.

Stephen Schreibeis

Superintendent, Glendive Public Schools


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