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Golden Rule Ambassadors

The social and emotional learning curriculum that shapes campus culture in 15 minutes per week.

  • Engaging weekly lessons on civility and citizenship
  • Student-led monthly challenges for impact on campus
    (designed for middle and high school with elementary adaptions)

Consider this…


  • Do you want to increase civility, citizenship, and kindness on campus?
  • Is empowering student leaders one of your goals?
  • Are you looking for constructive ways to utilize a student advisory, homeroom, or club period?
  • Do you need a simple social and emotional learning program that offers maximum value with little to no preparation?

If you answered yes, then the Golden Rule Ambassadors Curriculum is for you!

Empower Students. Change Campus Culture

As an educator, you want to do all you can to positively impact your school.  Let’s be honest though.  The daily demands of academic curriculum leaves little time for extra lessons and activities.  You know the time is worth it but devoting a full hour often isn’t possible.  If only there way a way to consistently empower students and create the change that you all want to see.  Golden Rule Ambassadors allows you to do that.  Each themed month is packed with five weekly lessons and a monthly challenge which helps students practice civility and citizenship on campus and in the community. Golden Rule Ambassadors is written by award-winning social skills educator Jeff Veley and Teacher of the Year, Chris Scheufele and is suitable for middle and high school students.  Each lesson is modeled after strict curriculum standards/best practices, and was piloted in Texas public schools.

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What’s Included?

This online curriculum can easily be accessed from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Simply login and click the month and week of your choice. You choose the schedule so that you can match your school calendar and go as fast or as slow as you’d like.

Social and Emotional Learning Wheel

1. Weekly Lesson Plans

We know that prep time is limited.  You’ll find that most weekly lessons are plug-and-play.  A few require a bit more prep, but no worries.  We’ll give you a heads up and a quick list of materials so that you’re prepared.  We’ve even included links to inspiring media so that you can access for free to kickstart your discussions and build social and emotional learning skills.

Golden Rule Ambassadors Lesson Preview
Teen taking photo of friend on phone

2. Monthly Challenges

Whether it’s insuring that no one eats alone or making kindness go viral on social media, these monthly challenges help students focus on making a positive difference.  Communicate the challenge and watch student ambassadors create the change.  It’s an amazing what happens when the Golden Rule truly rules, on campus.

CPBI – Golden Rule Ambassadors

3. Ongoing Support

Our Frequently Asked Questions section makes it easy to get help, but we don’t stop there.  Simply shoot us an email leave a comment to interact with the curriculum authors.  You can also interact with other schools using the curriculum through our online platform and on social media using the hash tag #goldenruleambassadors.  We look forward to building a Golden Rule Community.

Girls playing music on stage

4. BONUS Challenges & Activities

Once you experience the impact of Golden Rule Ambassadors, we know that you and your students will be eager for more.  This bonus content will help you take additional steps in becoming a Golden Rule School.  Use them with various student clubs or as way to involve parents in being a part of the change on campus.

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