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Welcome Glendive Educators!

Below is a special library of resources compiled specifically for your district.  From classroom lessons to full day professional development training, there’s a wealth of content waiting for you to hit “Play”.

Enjoy learning from me and my colleagues, Dr. Brooks Gibbs (school psychologist/sociologist) and Chris Scheufele (Texas Teacher of the Year).

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Empowering YOUth,
Jeff Veley

The “Peace Sign Approach” Training Course

Training for Grownups

Training for Students

Breaking Down Bullying

Bullying: Crime or Not?

When Parents Bully Teachers

Curriculum Access

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The Social & Emotional Learning Series
for Middle/High School

The Resilient Mindset Mini-Course

The Peace Sign Challenge

The History of ‘Sticks & Stones’

Don’t Feed the Pigeons

“Raise Them Strong” Resilience Lessons


The Golden Rule

Verbal Insults

Physical Provocation

Fear & Intimidation

Social Exclusion

Rethink Bullying

Glendive PIR Day

Resources for Counselors & Administrators

The Resilience Test
10-Item Socio-Emotional Scale

Resilience Tests Stack

The Resilience Test is a socio-emotional resilience scale that Is designed to measure the social/emotional competencies of a child in 10 areas.

The Peaceable School Approach
to Aggression

Peaceable School Document Mockup

This document will help you craft language for your school policy, handbook, and/or student code that gets schools and parents on the same page when it comes to agression and relational conflicts.