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1.  Turn on your webcam 😀.  This is an interactive training on ZOOM and we want to see you!  Feel free to laugh, clap, and raise your hands – as you would in-person.

2.  Participate with your host and colleagues. 

3. Use the buttons on this page.  We’ve included some powerful resources to help you reduce aggression and solve squabbles. 

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Jeff Veley Bullying Prevention Speaker

Meet Jeff Veley

Jeff Veley is an award-winning youth motivational speaker, social skills educator, and entertainer who specializes in resilience education for bullying prevention.

An advocate for social and emotional learning, Jeff is the co-author of Golden Rule Ambassadors, SQUABBLES®, and Bigfoot Gets Bullied (a #1 Amazon best seller).  Over 1 million people have been impacted by Jeff’s peace-making strategies.  As a result, he’s received two international awards for effectiveness in conflict resolution and is recognized as a Peace Ambassador by the United Nations.

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