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Elementary School Bullying Prevention Assembly

Jeff Veley is a social misfit turned social skills educator who shares two skills that stop mean behavior in as little as one week.

Youth Motivational Speaker for Elementary Students

This is, by far, the simplest and most common-sense approach (to bullying) that I’ve ever heard.

— Andrea Korreck, Principal, Perry Township Schools

Watch Jeff in Action

Energy, laughter, and audience participation fill Jeff’s elementary assembly program that teaches students how to be strong on the inside and manage enemies with kindness.

Jeff shares the social and emotional coping skills (or ninja skills, as he calls them), that helps kids overcome bullying. They are simple, practical, and easy to remember.  Jeff’s fun-filled presentation also includes music and magic/illusions, two of Jeff’s favorite coping techniques.

The presentation uses Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and resilience education to equip students with the skills that empower them to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems.  As a result, students learn how to be a Golden Rule leader and turn enemies into friends.

This assembly can be presented for either lower elementary, upper elementary, or both.  Each message is designed to reach students is a way that is both entertaining and age-appropriate.

(Duration:  45 min or  55 min with Q&A)

Elementary Workshop

Jeff can facilitate this additional session to expand on the message.

Making Friends Like Magic

This action-packed magic show teaches kids how to build healthy relationships, cope with stressors, and deal with frienemies.  Students learn how to  “fill others buckets” and let stress out of their “emotional balloon”.


Taming Your Mean Monster

Elementary anger management skills.  Kids learn how to make good choices, even when they are mad.  Each kid has a chance to practice coping skills and learn how to regulate emotions to calm their body and mind.

Follow-Up Materials

Tangible resources that you can use all year long to reinforce Jeff’s message

Premium Bullying Follow-Up Materials
Standard Follow-Up Materials
Basic Follow Up Materials

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Basic Package

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