Jeff’s Bullying Prevention
Keynote Speeches

Resilience Education for Bullying Prevention

Jeff Veley is an award-winning speaker for students, parents, educators, and mental health professionals.  Known for simple strategies that stop bullying, Jeff makes social and emotional learning fun.  His energetic blend of comedy, illusions, and psychology create unique presentations that yield lasting results.


Jeff Veley middle school assembly


Love Changes It All

Jeff’s student assemblies teach kids how to make friends and manage enemies.  Through laughter and learning, students disover how to become emotionally resilient and respond to mean behavior.  Students are in awe as he stops a volunteer’s insults in seconds using two simple skills.


Empowering Students and Improving Campus Culture

Educators are frustrated.  Anti-bullying programs continue to fail and the demands to maintain a bully-proof environment have never been higher.  Jeff’s message is a breathe of fresh air.  Educators learn how to empower students to resolve conflicts and squash squabbles, reducing social and emotional drama on campus.  Jeff’s simple techniques improve campus culture, reduce liability, and build resilience with little effort. 

Jeff Veley Professional Development Training Staff in Service on Bullying Resilience Education
Jeff Veley bullying prevention and conflict resolution specialist


Raise Them Strong

Bullying is getting worse and parents want answers.  Like educators, they are frustrated with programs and policies that fail to stop conflicts.  Jeff teaches parents how to raise resilient kids and help children that are targets of social aggression.  As a result, parents learn how to empower their student to stop mean behavior and solve social problems, without the constant need for adult intervention.