Jeff’s Bullying Prevention Presentations

Resilience Education for Social Aggression

Jeff Veley is an award-winning speaker for students, parents, educators, and mental health professionals.  Known for simple strategies that stop bullying, Jeff makes social and emotional learning fun.  His energetic blend of comedy, illusions, and psychology provide proven solutions that yield lasting results.


Jeff Veley middle school assembly


Respond to Aggression in Two Simple Steps

Jeff’s school assemblies teach kids how to respond to social aggression, manage emotions, and solve social problems.  Through laughter and learning, students discover how to become emotionally resilient and counter mean behavior with kindness. Students are in awe as he stops a random volunteer’s insults in seconds using two simple skills.

Age-appropriate presentations (45-55 mins) for elementary, middle, and high school students.


Empowering Students and Improving Campus Culture

Educators are suffering from “bully-fatigue”. Anti-bullying programs continue to fail and demands to maintain a safe environment have never been higher. Jeff’s message is a breath of fresh air. Educators will learn how to get rid of the word “bully” and address the root of the problem – aggression. His simple techniques improve campus culture, reduce liability, and build resilience.

Choose between a 60-min keynote or a 90-min, 3 hr, or 6 hr interactive training.

Jeff Veley Professional Development Training Staff in Service on Bullying Resilience Education
Jeff Veley bullying prevention and conflict resolution specialist


SQUABBLES®, Your Game Plan for Aggression

Bullying is getting worse and parents want answers. They are sick of waiting on schools to solve it and fearful that their kid could be the next tragedy on the evening news. Could there really be a simple solution?

During a 45-minute “Laugh & Learn Lunch”, parents and local youth workers experience SQUABBLES®, a clear system for helping students identify aggression, manage emotions, and resolve social conflicts. 


SQUABBLES® LIVE! Family Game Show

Bring the whole family to this fun evening event. Students are invited onstage to act out various conflicts with Jeff. Through laughter, parents learn the 3 questions to ask a child when they are experiencing a squabble and how to best empower them to resolve social conflicts.

This 60-min action-packed presentation includes music, illusions, and plenty of audience participation.

SQUABBLES LIVE! Family Game Show
Description of multi-year programming with Jeff Veley

I have spent my career researching anti-bullying programs and never found one that offered a solution. This one does! Jeff’s is the most practical and helpful that I have encountered.

Dr. Brian Hazeltine

Superintendent, Algoma Schools