Training for Parent and Youth Workers

Through clean comedy, inspiring real-life stories, and evidence-based techniques, Jeff shares how to bullying and empower students. 


Parent Testimonial

“My son used Jeff’s techniques at school and shared that his ‘bullies’ no longer pick on him.  Thank you so much for your help!  It works! 

— Marian, Mother of 11-year old

“Laugh & Learn” Lunch

Helping Grownups Empower Children & Teens

After attending Jeff’s session, parents and community youth workers finally have solutions when it comes to helping youth navigate aggression and conflicts. Many adults come to the training with pre-conceived notions of how schools should handle conflict, but leave with a completely new perspective that unites their efforts, and the schools.

Participants will learn how to help kids identify aggression, manage emotions, understand the roots of aggression, and resolve conflicts. Through comedy and role-playing real-life scenarios, grownups learn how to empower students while building their resilience.

(Duration: 45 min.)

Jeff Veley Professional Development Training Seminar


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