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Through clean comedy, inspiring real-life stories, and evidence-based techniques, Jeff shares social and emotional coping skills that helped him overcome bullying.  He shares how treating his enemies like friends transformed his life after years of being picked on at school and abused at home.

Jeff’s Overall Approach

“My son used Jeff’s techniques at school and shared that his ‘bullies’ no longer pick on him.  Thank you so much for your help!  It works! 

— Marian, Mother of 11-year old

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Key Content

The exact points that Jeff will cover with your audience.


What is Bullying?: Simplifying a complicated issue.  Discerning bullying from simple disagreements.

Empowerment:  Why teaching social and emotional skills is the best way to stop bullying.

The Peace Sign:  The two-step approach to stopping mean behavior.

Resilience:  How to protect your heart and change your midset

Taking Responsibility: How to stop the blame game and help children take responsibility for their behavior.

Coping Skills: How to help kids release stress, manage emotions, and promote mental health

Love:  How compassion in action helps make friends and manage enemies.


Stronger Together: The importance of partnership between schools and parents in raising resilient kids.

Hope and Help for Parents

After attending this session, parents will never see bullying this same way again. Some parents come to the training with pre-conceived notions of how schools should handle conflict, but leave with a completely new perspective that unites their efforts, and the school’s.

Participants will learn the best ways to help their child solve social problems, and how they can rehearse these skills at home.  Through role-playing common bullying scenarios, they find that empowering their child is a superior way to help them respond to social aggression, and grow in resilience.

(Duration:  60 – 90 min.)

Jeff Veley Professional Development Training Seminar

Follow-Up Sessions

These workshops can be added to Jeff’s keynote for parents.


Resilience Revolution

Jeff shares stories of those that faced adversity, overcame obstacles, found potential in their pain, and turned their struggle into something positive.  It inspires students to do the same.

Becoming Cyber-Smart

How to respond to digital drama such as cyber-bullying, textual harassment, and sexting.  Learn how to make teens aware of their online reputation and learn digital citizenship skills.

Safe Dates

This session explores the topic of dating through identifying values, recognizing signs of abuse, and understanding the components of healthy relationships.  Jeff is a SAFE DATES certified trainer and facilitator.

Anger Management

A three-step process to prevent, intervene, and positively respond to anger based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


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