Teaching Advice

Schools Flip the Script on Anti-Bullying Messages

Educators in Arkansas are using new language to address the issue of bullying.  Often anti-bullying messages deter negative behavior, aiming at stopping bullies and encouraging victims to report all incidents.  Many educators are looking to add some positivity to the...

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The Words of Rachel Joy Scott

As we reflect on the devistation caused by the recent school shootings across America, there is no doubt that change needs to happen.  While it's easy to point out what others might do to help solve the problem, we must also ask the question what you can do to be part...

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National School Walkout Day

  Today, many students across America will leave their classrooms at 10 am to demand change when it comes to guns and school safety.  In talking with educators, parents, and community members about National School Walkout Day, some believe this demonstration will do...

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How to Prevent School Shootings

Last Wednesday, upon returning from a day of speaking in Missouri, I got off the plane and was met with the news of yet another school shooting.  I quickly learned that an expelled student had claimed the lives of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in...

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The Bullycide Myth… Misleading Teens to Kill Themselves

Examining the Potential Link Between Bullying and Suicide Bullying and suicide are two issues that have become all too common for teens living in today's culture. This year alone, 18 million young people will be bullied in America where suicide is the third leading...

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