Teaching Advice

How to Stop Aggressive Behavior

Simple Solutions to Mean Behavior Bullying is a major buzzword in schools and among families.  It seems that everyone has an opinion on how to handle bullies and solve this complex problem.  Typically the solutions offered cause more issues or require...

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New Social and Emotional Learning Programs for Schools

Powerful Social and Emotional Learning ProgramsSchools are looking for bullying prevention programs that work.  Additionally, they want something that will last and help their students grow both socially and emotionally .  Jeff Veley is a youth motivational speaker...

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Columbine and the Anti-Bullying Movement: 20 Years Later

Reflecting on the Columbine MassacreToday, America reflects on the events of April 20th, 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.  It was a tragic day that changed how we view school safety and made us hug our kids a bit tighter, each day.  After the...

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The Toxic Word “Bullying”

Bullying prevention specialists sit down to discuss the negative impacts of the word "bullying".  Learn why this one word can derail progress when it comes to helping targets of social aggression.Today, the words "bully" and "bullying" are legal words, as there are...

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I Hope That My Brother Bullies Me

A Student's Positive Perspective on Bullying"I hope that my brother is mean to me".  A seventh grade boy (whom I'll call Dylan) shared this with me following a recent school assembly.  As a youth motivational speaker, my goal was to give students a different outlook...

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Schools Flip the Script on Anti-Bullying Messages

Educators in Arkansas are using new language to address the issue of bullying.  Often anti-bullying messages deter negative behavior, aiming at stopping bullies and encouraging victims to report all incidents.  Many educators are looking to add some positivity to the...

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