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Building Self-Confidence

I recently read an article in the Dallas News.  The title immediately peaked my interest.  The headline read "Lawnmower Parents are Raising a Generation of Kids Who Struggle with Adversity".  Penned by Ramy Mahmoud, a teacher in Plano, TX, the article talks about how...

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Growing Your Child’s Self-Worth

For the next few weeks, my radio features and online blog will focus on helping children grow in three areas... Self-Worth Self-Esteem Self-Confidence As a parent, I believe the greatest thing you can say to help your child grow in the area of self-worth is "I love...

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Tough and Tender Parenting

One of the most difficult thing about parenting is giving consequences.  After all, your children may respond completely differently when given the same consequence.  What is effective with one child may not be effective with another.  How do...

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Be Someone’s “Amy”

Listen to the clip above about the girl who changed my life with one simple act of kindness.  I've been looking for Amy since I was 14 years old.  I tried tracking her down via social media, phone books - everything I could think of, with no luck.  Until this... Love...

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Every Man Needs a Man Cave

Yep, you heard me right.   I'm a proud mancave advocate.  For years I have said that whenever I buy a house, I need a space like this.  I believe that everyone should have a special place set aside to decompress and I often encourage kids to pick a spot in their house...

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Loving Your Kids Through Consequences

Giving consequences can be tricky for a parent.  After all, who wants to punish a kid that they love.  If you do want to punish a child, it can often be in a moment of frustration.  You likely faced a consequence that you didn't deserve as a kid.  Perhaps you had a...

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Keeping a “Wrong” Record

You can likely relate to being in the middle of a disagreement and having the other person bring up something from the past that's completely unrelated to the issue at hand.  It's likely that this person has kept a record of wrongs. The 'wrong record' as I call it, is...

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