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How Do I Make My Kids Behave in Public

I was recently traumatized while out to eat with some friends as I watched a small child torment her parents.  In minutes, I watched a child who was not getting her way turn a small fit into a full-on a chase around the entire restaurant, including a parent in hot...

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Balancing Indoor and Outdoor Time

As much as kids and parents may buck the schedule, there's no doubt that establishing some structure during your week, can ease everyone's anxiety and give you things to look forward to.  One thing that's important to put on the calendar is outside time.   Recently I...

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Cultivating Your Child’s Passion

Every kid has dreams, talents, and passions.  One of the greatest opportunities as a parent is the ability to cheer your child on and help the grow to accomplish their goals. Listening to "The Warning" from Monterrey, Mexico makes me wonder what involvement their...

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A Simple Tip to Boost Student Achievement

Teens today are more anxious than ever before.  The world's stressors are great, communication is constant, and it all can get overwhelming very quickly.  All too often, I see parents with the best intentions add to this stress and the pressure can break even the...

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Helping Kids Learn Coping Skills

It's true that coping skills are becoming a popular topic of conversation, as we seek to reduce stress and find our happy places, once again.  In an era where adult coloring has become a fad and millenials are opening coffee shops where you can pet cats while sipping...

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The Words of Rachel Joy Scott

As we reflect on the devistation caused by the recent school shootings across America, there is no doubt that change needs to happen.  While it's easy to point out what others might do to help solve the problem, we must also ask the question what you can do to be part...

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