Empowering Kids to Manage Emotions 
& Stop Mean Behavior

by Jeff Veley & Yohan Daza


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About the Book

Like many kids, Bigfoot has trouble fitting in at school.  The other kids are mean to him and no matter what he tries, they won’t stop!  Will the two tricks he learned from his teacher really make them quit once and for all?

Bigfoot Gets Bullied teaches children how to protect their feelings and stop bullying in two simple steps.  It’s a brilliant way to empower children; written by two award-winning youth specialists.

About the Authors


Jeff Veley is an award-winning speaker, social skills educator, and entertainer who, despite extraordinary challenges, learned how to make friends and manage enemies.  He inspires students to be resilient by teaching them how to leverage their adversities for psychological growth.

Jeff’s simple strategies for bullying prevention have reached over 1 million people and earned two international awards for effectiveness in conflict resolution.  A social misfit turned social skills educator, Jeff is able to connect with kids from all walks of life and provide the skills necessary to overcome life’s challenges.


Yohan Daza is an acclaimed artist and social activist who uses art to start meaningful conversations. Born in Chile, Yohan began painting at a young age.  He later moved to the United States where he graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design, with a major in illustration and animation, along with an Excellency Award.

Yohan’s art crosses cultural barriers, earning a place on international stages including television, radio, and art festivals.  As a youth advocate, he helps young victims of trauma heal using art as a therapeutic tool. Yohan has received the Golden Rule International Award and a Diversity Award in the mental health field for his efforts in social justice and human rights.

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