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What Do I Do If My Kid is a Bully?

Dealing with bullying is never fun.  While most parents fear that their kid will be the victim of bullying, some find out that their child's negative behavior has found them labeled as the school "bully".  If you get this news, as a parent, you may find yourself...

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Secrets to a Rocking Professional Development Training

How to create empowering learning experiences As kids will soon be heading back to school, administrators are busy planning for the upcoming year and that means putting together staff in-service trainings.  Over the last eight years, I have trained thousands of...

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Students Use Reporting Hotline to Bully Peers

A hotline designed to make schools safe is now being used by students to bully others.  Now, lawmakers and school officials are scrambling in an effort to address false reports made through Safe2Tell. The hotline was created after the Columbine shooting so that...

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Helping Kids Learn Coping Skills

It's true that coping skills are becoming a popular topic of conversation, as we seek to reduce stress and find our happy places, once again.  In an era where adult coloring has become a fad and millenials are opening coffee shops where you can pet cats while sipping...

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How to Prevent School Shootings

Last Wednesday, upon returning from a day of speaking in Missouri, I got off the plane and was met with the news of yet another school shooting.  I quickly learned that an expelled student had claimed the lives of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in...

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Helping Improve District Policies on Aggression

As my team and I help schools across the country learn the best practices to respond to aggressive behaviors on campus, we've noticed a specific need arise.  After training the students, staff, and parents on the "Peace Sign Approach" to social aggression, schools are...

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Find Your Reason to Live

Listen on iTunes I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of my dearest friends, Yohan Daza, recently to join his new podcast.  "Find Your Reason to Live" takes a positive approach to the suicide problem and inspires those searching for hope by sharing stories of...

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