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How to Prevent School Shootings

Last Wednesday, upon returning from a day of speaking in Missouri, I got off the plane and was met with the news of yet another school shooting.  I quickly learned that an expelled student had claimed the lives of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in...

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Helping Improve District Policies on Aggression

As my team and I help schools across the country learn the best practices to respond to aggressive behaviors on campus, we've noticed a specific need arise.  After training the students, staff, and parents on the "Peace Sign Approach" to social aggression, schools are...

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Find Your Reason to Live

Listen on iTunes I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of my dearest friends, Yohan Daza, recently to join his new podcast.  "Find Your Reason to Live" takes a positive approach to the suicide problem and inspires those searching for hope by sharing stories of...

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Roasting, a New Trend in Cyberbullying

While on tour this fall one of the most common questions I get from middle schoolers after giving an assembly is... "Mr. Jeff, can I roast you?"  While roasting isn't new, it's making a comeback and, instead of being a fun form of comedy, students are sometimes using...

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Suicide, The Law and Common Sense

Jeff Veley joins Chris Scheufele in the classroom to discuss David's Law, the impact of bullying on teen suicide, and how to provide psychological solutions to empower students to solve their own social problems.

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How to Help a Child with Autism Stop Bullying

  Students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are said to targets of bullying much more often than their fellow classmates.  A research study shows that autistic students may be bullied nearly five times as often as their peers. During the study, around 46% of...

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Bullying – Reporting VS. Empowerment

Why Many Anti-Bullying Programs Make Things Worse It's a question that administrators ask me every day... "Will hosting a bullying assembly cause student reporting to increase?" Let's be honest... You have enough to deal with. Reports of legitimate safety issues are...

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Ace & Jeff Headed for New Ventures

After two and a half years "Ace & Jeff in the Afternoons" is coming to an end.  The show, which aired on WJQK JQ99.3 in West Michigan, featured an energetic blend of 25-year radio veteran/musician Ace McKay and national youth speaker/entertainer Jeff Veley in a...

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