Lessons & Activities for Teachers and Home Educators

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused both professional educators and parents to scramble.  America has completely restructured what learning looks like – overnight.  Despite the pandemic and pandemonium surrounding this time, it has been so encouraging to see people sharing resources.  Below is a list of resources from myself and my colleagues.  I hope that this helps you in lesson planning.  Whether you are a teacher implementing distance learning or a parent turned home educator, these powerful lessons will help you.

The Importance of Social & Emotional Learning

While academics are important, I’d argue that social and emotional learning is most important.  As things in our world change rapidly, we must teach our children how to manage emotions (cope) and connect socially (even in times of isolation).  Through this we can help our children build their emotional resilience and overcome the adversities brought on by these times.

Recommended Curriculum & Resources

The following resources are perfect for both at-home and distance learning.  They share the following traits.

  • Online, accessible anywhere
  • Remote facilitation possible
  • Easy to implement
SQUABBLES® Curriculum

Created for: Schools & Home Educators
Cost: $1,997 for schools.  $97 for Home Educators. 
(For a limited time, schools that purchase will receive free Home Educator Licenses for ALL parents)

Description:  SQUABBLES® is your game plan for aggression.  It features a full conflict resolution curriculum including 24 student video lessons, training for educators and parents, plus downloadable resources. 

Resilience Mini-Course for Students

Created for: Schools & Home Educators
Cost: None
Description: Help your child develop a resilient mindset to beat bullying.  Includes 3 video lessons and discussion guides.  

Golden Rule Ambassadors Curriculum

Created For: Schools
Cost: $297 for full curriculum.  Free sample lesson.
Description: Golden Rule Ambassadors is a social and emotional learning curriculum.  It’s made up of weekly lessons that can be facilitated in 15 mins or less along with student-led monthly challenges.  Make kindness go viral on campus and online.