Youth Motivational Speaker Gives Listeners an Inside Look into Education

On September 15th, youth motivational speaker and bullying prevention specialist Jeff Veley grabbed the mic and welcomed listeners to his new show.  The Campus Peace Podcast documents Jeff’s work inside schools across America.  Through it, he hopes to help educators and mental health professionals better handle issues impacting youth, while inspiring them to build Golden Rule Schools.  The show, which airs on a number of podcast outlets, will have new episodes available each week.  Additionally, it will share expert interviews with key influencers who impact education.

Returning to the Mic

Jeff is no stranger to the mic.  Today, he works as a speaker, author, and consultant who specializes in conflict resolution.  Prior to that, he split his time between speaking and hosting the afternoon drive on the JQ99.3 in West Michigan.  After six years in radio broadcasting, Jeff left radio to reach more students.  Each week he visits a new city and teaches students and grownups how to face adversity and overcome social challenges through his speeches.

“The past two years have been exhilarating” says Veley.  “Since I left my daily radio show, many people asked if I would ever return.  My answer was always the same.  ‘My headphones are nearby if I need them.’  To me, the show had to be 100% focused on helping kids and improving education.  That’s my focus and passion.”

When asked what it was like to return to the mic, Jeff shared, “Radio and podcasting is like riding a bike.  The first time I heard the podcast intro through my headphones, I was back in the zone.  The mic came on and I was off again!”  Jeff hopes that the show will be a source of inspiration for those that work with youth.  “As someone who’s worked with kids that displayed challenging behaviors, it’s easy to get worn out.  We have so many great people working in our schools with demanding positions.  Sometimes we forget that they need help and encouragement too.  Through the podcast, my goal is to a mentor and friend that understands their day-to-day struggles and can offer hope”.

First Episode Summary

During his first episode, Jeff shared tips on developing a positive perspective through challenging situations.  When it came to sharing examples, he became very vulnerable, sharing the recent loss of a family member.  “For me, the show has to be real.  I’m not a fan of media that feels manufactured.  I want my listeners to feel like we’re sitting down for coffee.”  Jeff closed the show by highlighting a student he met on tour, sharing his story of resilience through bullying.

To learn more about the Campus Peace Podcast and listen online, visit www.CampusPeacePodcast.com.