Social and Emotional Learning Program Program Helps Students Grow in Civility and Citizenship

After launching the Golden Rule Ambassadors Curriculum last fall, we took time to survey those using the program.  While it was designed as a resource for middle and high school students, we quickly saw that it was also being used by elementary school teachers and counselors.  As we looked for new ways to serve schools, the decision was made to add elementary adaptations and make it available to all users. 

Simple Lesson Plans

The goal of Golden Rule Ambassadors has always been to deliver plug-and-play lessons in 15-minutes per week.  Teachers and school counselors have so much on their plates.  We knew that the lesson plans needed to be complete (with little to no prep), but also flexible.  Our team spent the summer improving the lessons to better suite different age groups, instructional times, and facilitation styles. 

Getting Started Guide

One new Getting Started Guide helps prepare users that will be facilitating the curriculum.  It includes recommendations for leading the curriculum school-wide and with small groups.  Additionally the guide helps facilitators prepare both themselves and their students to minimize distractions and maximize impact.

New Facebook Group

In an effort to offer support to our curriculum users, we launched a Facebook group.  By joining, users will be able to interact with the curriculum authors and share ideas with other schools.  We look forward to building a Golden Rule Community online.  

Elementary Adaptations

Instead of publishing an elementary curriculum, our team chose to add elementary adaptations – recommendations for modifying the lessons for younger ages.  As some schools use the challenges school-wide, we thought it would be confusing or problematic to have a completely different set of challenges for other age groups.  By working on the same challenges, opportunities for peer mentorship and leadership become evident.  Different grades can complete the challenge in their own way, showing diversity.

Since the curriculum is accessible online, we added the elementary adaptations live, and our users were able to access them immediately.  We chose to provide this free, as a way to improve the curriculum, rather than publishing a second edition.

Curriculum Purchasing

To purchase the curriculum click here.  We offer both single site licenses and district licenses, which offer savings for multiple schools/sites.