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Powerful Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Schools are looking for bullying prevention programs that work.  Additionally, they want something that will last and help their students grow both socially and emotionally .  Jeff Veley is a youth motivational speaker who specializes in resilience education for bullying prevention.  He also serves as a consultant, which helps schools make social and emotional learning fun.

The Trouble with Youth Motivational Speakers

While hosting a speaker can be impactful, most speakers fail to provide the resources needed for success.  You’ve likely listened to a motivational speaker who’s message encouraged you but didn’t produce lasting results.  When it comes to issues like bullying and mental health, schools need long-term solutions, not a one-and-done presentations.  This is known as Jeff Veley’s specialty.

Follow-Up Resources for Schools

Every presentation given by Jeff Veley includes follow-up materials.  These materials include resources for educators, parents, and students.  Additionally, he offers different follow-up packages and yearly presentations that build upon each other.  This means that your school can receive powerful training from a familiar voice.  Simply utilize Jeff’s resources throughout the year and host a yearly live event,  This will help you both reinforce and build on previous lessons.

Many school administrators say that inviting Jeff back is even more impactful the second or third time around, due to the positive learning experience and relationships built.  Unlike many presenters, he offers age-appropriate presentations for elementary, middle, and high school.  In addition, Jeff provides training and coaching for adults including educators, parents, and mental health professionals.

Yearly Social and Emotional Learning Presentations

Year One
Love Changes It All – This message teaches students how to manage enemies and build emotional resilience in response to social aggression (bullying).  

Year Two
Squabbles™ – Disguised as a live game show, this conflict resolution system teaches resilience drills for social skills.  By playing, students of all ages are able to identify three types of mean behavior and use SEL skills to quickly squash social squabbles.

Year Three
Looking for Amy – This powerful presentation teaches students how to make friends like magic.  Additionally, students learn skills for setting boundaries in relationships and dealing with “frienemies”.

Brand New!
RoadMap to Success – This interactive workshop teaches students that “Goals > Grades”.  Students will learn how to deal with academic pressure, identify a support system, cope with fears/challenges, and why education is important on their journey.  Each student will complete a personalized roadmap, detailing their goals.

Above is a basic outline as used by many of Jeff’s clients.  To learn more about hosting Jeff or creating an SEL plan for your school, contact us.