Schools across the country are looking for creative ways to tackle issues like bullying, fighting, and general “unkind” behaviors.  With concerns over teen anxiety and school safety at an all time high, educators want to make drastic changes to ensure that the learning experience is as positive as possible.  The main issue facing schools is not always a lack of resources.  Sometimes it’s simply a lack of time.

Golden Rule Ambassadors Curriculum Cover

“Golden Rule Ambassadors” is a new social and emotional learning curriculum that helps schools transform campus culture in just 15 minutes per week.  Designed to fit within the time constraints of a student advisory, homeroom period, or after-school club, this program offers powerful lessons that administrators can implement immediately.  Authored by “Teacher of the Year”, Chris Scheufele and international award-winning social skills educator Jeff Veley, each month included student-led challenges in civility and citizenship.

Veley and Scheufele recently conducted a special broadcast in which they share the transformation that a group of 15 kids (using the curriculum) had on their entire school of 1,100.

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