Loving Your Kids Through Consequences

by Jeff Veley | Love Changes It All

Giving consequences can be tricky for a parent.  After all, who wants to punish a kid that they love.  If you do want to punish a child, it can often be in a moment of frustration.  You likely faced a consequence that you didn’t deserve as a kid.  Perhaps you had a parent that issued a consequence while angry that was harsher than it needed to be.

The organization “Love & Logic” has done an incredible job teaching parents how to put their emotions aside and give fair consequences that match the behavior that is trying to be corrected.  I would encourage you to click the link above and check out their work.  You’ll likely discover that one of the strategies works like magic with your kids to make giving consequences and promoting positive behavior a more positive experience for both you and your children.

“All good consequences are motivated by love and are designed to promote positive behavior”

— Jeff Veley

Love is not self-seeking