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The Wrong Record

by Jeff Veley | Love Changes It All

You can likely relate to being in the middle of a disagreement and having the other person bring up something from the past that’s completely unrelated to the issue at hand.  It’s likely that this person has kept a record of wrongs.

The ‘wrong record’ as I call it, is a list of past mistakes, offenses, etc that a person holds in their memory.  Often, they will summon this folder of negativity from the back of their mental file cabinet in order to assert them self and attempt to gain power over you in the midst of conflict.  Those that have ‘wrong records’ are those that typically know us quite well.  After all, it takes time to accumulate a list this list.  You might say that those that keep ‘wrong records’ on you are most likely loved ones.

It’s sad to think that our loved ones would use a ‘wrong record’ against you.  The very definition of love states that it “keeps no record of wrongs”.  In other words, if you love someone you don’t mentally hit ‘save’ every time they offend you so that you might have evidence later.  This would mean that you are pre-meditating an opportunity to use this against them later.  That’s certainly not loving.  On the flip side, you also should not dig in your memories to find a time that someone wronged you.  Love calls us to forgive, to let go, and to move on.

Ask yourself today if you have any ‘wrong records’ that should be put in the shredder of your mind.  You may not be able to forget but you can forgive.  When you do so, it doesn’t mean that a wrong was righted.  It simply means that you won’t harbor hatred in your heart.  It’s a conscious commitment to let go and move forward in a spirit of love.

Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs