Using Social Media Responsibly

by Jeff Veley | Love Changes It All

The story of a teen using social media as her diary (heard in the audio clip above)

You may ask “Did she really think that no one saw her posts?”  Believe it or not both teens and adults often post without first considering the consequences.  Reminding ourselves to use an online filter is extremely important.  Use this graphic to help you break this down with your kids.

Remember that in this digital age we all have an online reputation that can be easily accessed by potential employers, colleges/universities, and your average stranger.  Every post with text, pictures, video, etc leaves a digital footprint.  Nothing ever disappears.  Even SnapChat’s messages, which ‘feel’ safer can be accessed later with a simple screenshot.  SnapChat’s servers were once hacked and previously deleted images could be accessed.  Even when you think it’s gone forever, your digital footprint has left an impression somewhere.

Love Always Protects

Jeff Veley leads a workshop for teens called “Becoming Cyber-Smart”.  It teaches teens how to respond to digital drama and prevent problems online such as cyber-bullying, textual harassment, and sexting.  For more information, contact us.