Are You a Thermostat or Thermometer?

by Jeff Veley | Love Changes It All

Are you the kind of person that reacts to the environment around you or do you set the tone and change the environment?

The Thermometer

We all know people who are reactive.  Their mood can change as quickly as the wind blows.  If this person is a leader, sometimes we can feel unstable and/or insecure.  Their actions can seem more reactive than planned and it’s often difficult to know what you can expect with them.  Perhaps they are a thermometer.  

The Thermostat

On another hand, my guess is that you can think of one or two people that find the silver lining in different situations.  Even in the craziest situations, their attitude and values don’t waiver. They seem focused on their goal and don’t let outside people and or situations shake them.  They are likely a thermostat.

Living life with a “thermostat mindset” certainly seems more desirable, however it can be a challenge. This doesn’t come easy.  Taking care of yourself, writing down your goals, and building your resiliency can certainly help.  When you do these things, you can better lead yourself and, in turn, better lead others.  It’s best done in a spirit of love.

Love never fails