The infograph below is one of the most POWERFUL things that I can share with you when it comes to bullying prevention, intervention, and response.

When it comes to bullying, there are two mindsets that you can take.  Your effectiveness in helping young people all depends on WHICH mindset you choose.

Unfortunately until recently educators have been trained in the Legal Approach.  As you can see, students have suffered because of this.  

Thankfully the “Social and Emotional Learning” movement has changed this!  Today programs (like mine) train students, parents, and educators in the psychological approach.  This approach empowers students to peacefully respond to mean behavior and teaches them how to solve their own social problems.  

If we truly want to empower our students, we need to teach them the skills needed to solve social conflict.  When they learn the power of the Golden Rule to change their relationships, it can truly change their life.

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