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Jeff Veley is a speaker, bullying expert, and social skills educator specializing in resilience education for bullying prevention.

His mission is to equip students with the social and emotional skills that empower them to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems.

Jeff's message has reached over one million people.  His program is the recipient of the Golden Rule International Award, recognized by the United Nations, for excellence in teaching conflict resolution skills. The United Nations officially recognizes Jeff as a Goodwill Peace Ambassador in over 120 nations of the world.


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Jeff Veley is an award-winning speaker, social skills educator, and entertainer who is widely recognized for his ability to connect with diverse audiences through clean comedy, music, illusions, and the life-changing message of resilience and the Golden Rule.

Jeff's message has reached over one million people in eight countries, touching the lives of students at schools, detention centers, and national youth conferences.  In addition, he provides professional training seminars for groups of parents, educators, and mental health professionals. 

Drawing from his experience working in the social work field and time spent teaching students in an educational setting, Jeff shares wisdom well beyond his years.  His stories of walking through difficult situations with students often mirror his own story of struggle growing up.  Relentlessly tormented at school and abused at home, Jeff learned the social and emotional skills needed to survive, and later to thrive in a challenging and often hurtful world.  He candidly shares these moments with his audience on a journey to find hope and teach life-changing skills that empower individuals to rise above their circumstances.

As a youth treatment specialist known for practical solutions that solve social conflicts and form healthy relationships, Jeff is frequently featured on radio and television.  His on-air contributions include appearances on NBC, ABC, FOX, TV Chile International as well as numerous local TV and radio stations.  A respected leader in his industry, Jeff has served as the Program Manager for Be Strong Global, which is growing to be the largest bullying prevention organization in the world.  Jeff is the Host/Executive Producer of Love Changes It All, a weekly radio feature that empowers parents.  In his mission to facilitate peace in schools, Jeff serves as the Chief Representative for the Campus Peace-Building Initiative.

Jeff and his program are recipients of the Golden Rule International Award, presented by the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative of the United Nations for effectiveness in teaching conflict resolution skills.  The U.N. officially recognizes Jeff as a World Peace Ambassador in over 120 nations of the world.  An outspoken voice for vulnerable and victimized youth, Jeff serves as a mentor, sponsor, and advocate to at-risk youth both locally and globally.

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