Virtual Assembly Program - DVD & Live Session w/ Jeff Veley

Jeff Veley Virtual Assembly Program includes his live DVD
Jeff Veley joins students live via Skype during his virtual assembly program
Jeff Veley Virtual Assembly Program includes his live DVD
Jeff Veley joins students live via Skype during his virtual assembly program

Virtual Assembly Program - DVD & Live Session w/ Jeff Veley

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Video Presentation:  Jeff's award-winning assembly program is professionally-filmed in full HD in front of a live student audience.  You will receive a DVD of the program and an unlimited license for use within your school.  Play the presentation for a full school assembly or show it in the classroom at your convenience.  This program is appropriate for middle and high school age audiences.

Live Skype Session:  After viewing the DVD, Jeff will join you via Skype for a live, interactive question and answer session.  Get expert coaching and advice from Jeff on-the-spot or have Jeff lead a workshop honing his message in on your specific goals.  Students love the live, interactive components.

Follow Up Package (+ $297):
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Skype Session Topics:

These optional sessions can be added to Jeff's keynote presentation at no cost.  They are the perfect way to tailor Jeff's program to meet your goals.  Each workshop is 30-45 minutes in length. 

  • Finding Amy:  Jeff's shares about the student who changed his life by simply inviting him to sit at her lunch table.  Students are challenged to "be someone's Amy."
  • Becoming Cyber-Smart:  How to respond to digital drama such as cyber-bullying, textual harassment, and sexting.
  • Anger Management:  A three-step process to prevent, intervene, and positively respond to anger.
  • Resilience Revolution:  The media is full of stories of people who have given up or made the wrong choices.  Jeff shares stories of those that faced adversity, overcame obstacles, found potential in their pain, and turned their struggle into something positive.  It inspires students to do the same.
  • Golden Rule Leadership:  Teaching students the secret to influencing others including how to start by leading yourself so that others will follow.
  • Create Your Own:  Jeff is happy to share other messaging that will help meet your goals.

Follow Up Materials (Optional):

  • Peace Cards:  Wallet-sized cards for every student that include social skills to respond to mean behavior, coping skills for dealing with stress,  a 24/7 crisis hotline, and a downloadable video from Jeff sharing the key points of the program through 1-on-1 teaching.  
  • Discussion Guide:  Designed for classrooms and small groups, this guide reinforces the key points of Jeff's message and get students talking about what they learned.
  • Online Training Videos:  Educators, parents, and students will learn the best way to grow resilience and peacefully respond to bullying/social aggression using the "Peace Sign Approach". These videos share the same information as Jeff's live talk but are condensed into nine minutes.  Perfect for classroom viewing and easy to distribute to staff and parents through an email newsletter.
  • Online Learning Library:  Unlock the full library featuring multiple training courses for students, parents, and educators taught by Jeff and other industry professionals.  Professionally filmed and organized by topic, so that you can easily find practical solutions fast.
  • The Peace Sign Challenge Role-Playing Game:  Students will grow in resilience and learn social skills to de-escalate and solve conflict through this fun online role-playing game, seen in Jeff's live program.  Place it on school issued devices such as tablets and Chromebooks.  Use the game as in the classroom as part of your social and emotional learning program and in the counseling office to empower students to solve their own social problems.