What are Peace Bands?

Every where you look, teens are wearing silicone wristbands as part of their fashion and self-expression.  One day we had a thought... What if these same trendy bands gave them instant access to a crisis hotline in an emergency?  What if the answer to stopping bullying was somehow wearable?  Then the answer hit us... Peace Bands.

Invented by youth speaker and social skills educator Jeff Veley, Peace Bands mix fashion with technology and social skills education.  Each Peace Band has a 4 digit pass code on the inside which gives it's wearer instant access to the resources listed below from any computer or smart phone.


Peace Band Features

  • Online Mentoring Videos (Including "The Peace Sign... Two Social Skills that Stop Bullying" from Jeff's award-winning program)
  • Mentoring Emails on Relevant Topics (healthy relationships, setting boundaries, coping skills, etc.)
  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline
  • Q&A with Jeff

Peace Band Pricing

For Individuals

$5 each
(Includes the most trending 1 inch band.  Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.)

To order, email team@jeffveley.com

1 inch peace band 
Each Peace Band comes printed with the message "Love Changes It All" which reminds students that the best way to respond to conflict is the Golden Rule empowered by the virtue of love.  
(Pictured above: 1 inch Peace Band)

For Schools 
(Bulk Pricing)

The perfect way to reinforce the message from Jeff's award-winning assembly program.

1/2 inch Peace Band
(Most Popular)

1,000 Peace Bands - $770
500 Peace Bands - $625
100 Peace Bands - $275

1 inch Peace Band
(Most Trending)

1,000 Peace Bands - $1,170
500 Peace Bands - $815
100 Peace Bands -  $350


Yes, we CAN make them in your school colors for no extra cost!

To request a quote on a custom quantity, click the button below.