Dealing with Holiday Stress

Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

The Christmas season is certainly a busy one.  It's important to remember that the stress that we often feel as adults, with the busy-ness can impact our kids as well.

Review the Schedule

Going over the plans for the holiday with your kids can help them prepare for what's ahead, especially if you will be traveling.  Take some time to sit down and review the schedule.  You can also print out a schedule or copy the family calendar so that your kids can cross out items as you go.  This can also help diminish the same questions coming from the back seat.  ;)

Plan Time to Check-In

In the midst what can be a hectic schedule, it is helpful to have some pockets of peace.  Scheduling time to just reflect and enjoy a movie as a family or chat about things can help kids settle.  I remember celebrating Christmas as a kid and feeling like we were traveling so much.  What I really wanted was a break to play with my new toys.  


May you and your family have a blessed Christmas season!


Jeff Veley

Jeff Veley is youth speaker, bullying expert, and social skills educator.

His mission is to equip students with the social and emotional skills that empower them to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems by exercising the Golden Rule.

To date, Jeff's message has reached over one million people.  Jeff and his program have been recognized by the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative of the United Nations and are a recipient of the Golden Rule International Award for effectiveness in teaching conflict resolution.  The United Nations officially recognizes Jeff as a Goodwill Peace Ambassador in over 120 nations of the world.