Adults Ask Me... 

Q: We have a limited budget or no budget at all.  How can we hire you to come in?
A: You can save up to 75% if I am touring to your area.  Either way, we have many creative options for those who have a limited budget or none at all.  To learn more, simply click the Funding Options button below. 

One of my events coordinators will be happy to work out all of the details with you.  Don't worry.  If you're willing to get creative…we can make it work for you.

Q: Do you charge for travel expenses?
A: No.  We just include that in the booking fee. When you book me, you will pay one, all-inclusive flat rate.  It's easier on your budget to take care of everything together.  Then you don't have to worry about getting invoiced at the end of a tour with additional travel, lodging, and food bills and we don't have to keep track of a million receipts on the road.   :o)

Q: We already have an anti-bullying program.  How would yours fit in with our existing initiatives?
A: No problem.  We work with many schools that already have ongoing initiatives.  Our program teaches the Peace Sign Approach, a psychological approach to bullying/social aggression.  This approach can be implemented alongside your existing initiatives to increase your effectiveness in dramatically reducing conflict on campus.  

It's as simple as equipping your students with some social skills, emotional coping skills, and conflict resolution skills that they can use in the moment.  

Q: Is your presentation high-tech?  What kind of equipment is required for us to host your programs?
A: For speaking engagements, the only thing required is a quality sound system and microphone.  If your equipment isn't the best, no worries.  Simply let us know at the time of booking.  We have equipment on hand for rental, just in case you need it. 

Some of our tour presentations feature multi-media and use a lot of high-tech equipment but HAVE NO FEAR!  This presentation is 100% turn-key, meaning that we provide and setup ALL (yes, ALL) of the audio/visual equipment for you!  The awesome team of professionals at my company have produced a top-notch package that sets up quickly and gives "rock-concert-style visuals" that are sure to impress your audience. 

Q: So, is your assembly entertaining?
A: Yes!  I deliver quality content that will inspire and equip your students.  In addition to psychologically-sound content, you'll notice clean side-splitting, comedy, real-life stories, a pinch of music, and audience interaction.  Sing with me... "A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down... in a most delightful way!"  (aw... that was precious)

Q: Does your program talk about suicide/self-injurious behaviors?
A:  Suicide is a difficult topic to discuss in a large group format such as a school assembly.  Some students may be experiencing suicidal thoughts while others wouldn't even consider that to be a viable choice if they were struggling.  Research shows that sharing suicide stories with the masses actually causes the suicide rate to increase.  Due to the sensitive nature of this issue and the fact that we want students to make positive choices, my program teaches students how to become resilient and cope emotionally with difficult situations and feelings.  

Renowned therapist, James Lehman, says that "Less than 20% of suicides are caused by depression.  The vast majority are caused by a lack of coping skills." As a former mental health professional and youth crisis coach, I believe that conversations regarding the delicate issue of suicide are best handled one-on-one with a school-approved mental health professional.  My staff and I refer to and directly report any and all disclosures of suicidal thoughts, abuse and/or neglect reported to us.  To help students that struggle with suicidal thoughts and self-injurious behaviors my program teaches social and emotional coping skills as well as stories of struggle where the main character used coping skills to find peace in their life.  This is essentially my story.  I share the struggle and how I moved beyond it to find hope.  I'd rather not focus on negative outcomes when our goal is for students to choose positive ones.  Instead, I share with them what's possible and empower them to follow that path.

Q: What type of events do you normally present at?
A: I present at a wide range of events: elementary, middle, and high school assemblies, student leadership conferences, camps, churches/non-profit organizations.  I also speak to adults at parenting seminars, in-service trainings, and conferences for educators and mental health professionals.
Sorry, but I don’t do birthday parties or funerals.  Yes, I HAVE been asked for both... Awkward.   : /

Students Ask Me... 

Q: How did you get started speaking and performing?
A: Well, my dad was involved in the music industry, so like most little boys, I wanted to be like daddy.  At age 3, I took the stage singing,, “Frinkle, Frinkle, Little Tar”.  My mom still has the embarrassing video. 

By age 4 I got my first real drum set, performed my first magic show at age 12, and directed my first play at 15.  At age 16 my dad passed away and I shared a piece of my story in front of a group of at-risk teens for the first time.  I was blown away by the impact that my little story had on this group and knew that I had to continue telling more of it.

I returned to the group of teens weekly and gave my first motivational presentations to at-risk teens when I was 17.  I wanted to help others learn from the mistakes that I had made and life lessons that I had learned. 

If you want to do something and be something, you have to start!  “Frinkle, Frinkle” was my humble beginning.  Today I get paid to inspire people, make them laugh, and help them navigate challenging situations through speaking and directing.  I honestly never thought I would make it this far, but I kept trying and setting the bar higher for myself. 

Don't ever think that your story is insignificant.  We all have something that can help others.  I still can’t believe that I get to do this for a living!


Q: How did you get past the ‘crap’ in your life to be successful?
  I realized that past bad choices didn’t mean that I was a bad person and I learned that although I cannot control others people's actions, I CAN control my reaction.  I also discovered that love goes a long way, regardless of how others treat you.  You don’t have to settle in a can make a comeback! 

Other things that helped a ton were my AMAZING grandparents, mentors, time spent in prayer, counseling, and discovering my potential and purpose.


Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I love to sing, play the drums, hike through the woods, and try foods from other countries (you should totally try Horchata - Mexican drink).  I also like to ride my gas bike (basically a motorbike for people that are too clumsy for a motorcycle).  One of my favorite things to do is hang out with the kids that I mentor.

Q: What music do you like?
A: Whoa!  Big question... Music is my first love.  Mostly, I'm a rocker but I pretty much enjoy anything with a positive message.  My fav is Switchfoot but I also love Skillet, Red, Veridia, and Linkin Park.  I've also been known to play a little Santana, Train, Peter Gabriel, and The Fray.