The Mystic Boxes

Mystic Boxes Magic Trick by Dynomite Magic.jpg
Mystic Boxes Magic Trick by Dynomite Magic.jpg

The Mystic Boxes


A Baffling Mental Mystery
It is said that there is a connection between us and the items that we value most.  The Mystic Boxes explore this notion through two powerful demonstrations of magic and mystery.

Effect #1
Things We Hold Dear:   A volunteer hides a small personal object (such as a ring) in one of three small treasure chests and mixes them around while the magician's back is turned.  The magician correctly selects the box that holds the item every time.

Effect #2
The Pirates' Gold:  A gold coin is shown and signed by the magician and an audience member.  It instantly vanishes from a handkerchief held by the spectator and reappears inside of the treasure chest which was in view the entire time.

Perfect for close up and parlor performances. Comes with three beautifully crafted wooden boxes, gold coin, handkerchief, full instructions, and suggested patter.

(Actual box design may vary slightly)

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