Part 1:  Consultation & Assessment


  • Listening to you and your child's needs, goals, and concerns
  • Behavior Assessment: Identifying the specific behaviors impacting your child
  • Resilience Assessment:  Measure your child's social and emotional resilience
  • Coaching Plan:  A customized plan to personally help your child overcome bullying, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems

Part 2:  Online Video Training

Upon purchasing the program, you will receive instant access to the online video training as well as printable resources for you and your child to use at home and at school.  

Students will learn:

  • How to stop mean behavior immediately
  • How to become resilient
  • When to get help from trusted adults

Parents will learn:

  • Three ways to stop social aggression immediately
  • The best way to help your student when they are upset
  • The secret to preparing your student to solve their own social problems in as little as 10 minutes

Part 3:  Video Coaching Call with Jeff Veley

Following your child's customized coaching plan, Jeff will teach social and emotional coping skills, rehearse simple responses to social aggression, and role play how to respond to this behavior in real-time. Parents share how this call with Jeff catapulted their child's success in responding to mean behavior and growing in confidence.

BONUS:  You will receive a fun online game that you can play with kids of any age to help them rehearse conflict resolution skills that stop social aggression immediately.


Part 4:  One Week Follow Up Video Coaching Call


  • Second Video Coaching Call with Jeff Veley
  • Behavior Assessment: This post assessment will show the reduction in conflict as a result of the coaching program
  • Resilience Assessment:  This post assessment will show the specific areas in which your child's resilience has grown as a result of the coaching program