Jeff Veley is a youth motivational speaker and christian radio host on jq99.3 and 92.7 the beacon.  he specializes in teaching students how to respond to bullying and solve conflict using his message, based on romans 12.

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Peace is not only the absence of conflict but the presence of love
— Jeff Veley

Meet Jeff Veley

Jeff Veley is an award-winning speaker, social skills educator, and entertainer who is widely recognized for his ability to connect with diverse audiences through clean comedy, music, illusions, and the life-changing message of resilience and the Golden Rule.

Jeff's message has reached over one million people in nine countries, touching the lives of students at schools, detention centers, and national youth conferences.  In addition, he provides professional development and training seminars for groups of parents, educators, and mental health professionals. 

Drawing from his experience working in the social work field and time spent teaching students in an educational setting, Jeff shares wisdom well beyond his years.  His stories of walking through difficult situations with students often mirror his own story of struggle growing up.  Relentlessly tormented at school and abused at home, Jeff learned the social and emotional skills needed to survive, and later to thrive in a challenging and often hurtful world.  He candidly shares these moments with his audience on a journey to find hope and teach life-changing skills that empower individuals to rise above their circumstances.

As a youth treatment specialist known for practical solutions that solve social conflicts and form healthy relationships, Jeff is frequently featured on radio and television.  His on-air contributions include appearances on NBC, ABC, FOX, TV Chile International as well as numerous local TV and radio stations.  A respected leader in his industry, Jeff has helped shape several national bullying prevention programs.  Jeff is the Host/Executive Producer of Love Changes It All, a weekly radio feature that empowers parents and serves as the Chief Representative for the Campus Peace-Building Initiative.  In addition, he co-hosts  "Ace & Jeff in the Afternoons" a Christian radio show airing weekdays on WJQK, nominated as Radio Station of the Year in 2016 by CMB.

Jeff and his program are recipients of the Golden Rule International Award, presented by the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative of the United Nations and the World Civility International Award for effectiveness in teaching conflict resolution skills.  The U.N. officially recognizes Jeff as a World Peace Ambassador and World Civility Ambassador in 120 nations.  An outspoken voice for vulnerable and victimized youth, Jeff serves as a mentor, sponsor, and advocate to at-risk youth both locally and globally.


As Seen Onstage With:

  • Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Third Day
  • Tenth Avenue North
  • Sadie Robertson ("Dancing with the Stars", "Duck Dynasty")
  • Big Daddy Weave
  • Red
  • Switchfoot
  • Plumb
  • Jordan Feliz
  • Audio Adrenaline
  • Sanctus Real
  • 6th Day Made
  • Crowder
  • Andy Mineo
  • Newsong
  • Beckah Shae
  • Colton Dixon
  • Abandon
  • MikesChair
  • Sidewalk Profits
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  • George Moss
  • Random Hero
  • Finding Favour
  • Flame
  • Disciple
  • Stellar Kart
  • Ellie Holcomb
  • Laura Story
  • Britt Nicole
  • OBB
  • Steven Malcom
Jeff has a gift that is unparalleled to any speaker out there. I felt the power of his message and an urgency at which I feel the need to share it with the world.
— Jamie Lafontsee, Program Supervisor, Youth Enhancement Program

Faith-Based Assembly Program

Through clean comedy, inspiring real-life stories, and evidence-based techniques, Jeff shares how treating his bullies the way he wanted to be treated literally transformed his life after years of being bullied at school and abused at home.  

Jeff's Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program equip students with the social and emotional skills that empower them to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems by using the Golden Rule. Students will learn how to grow in resilience, be seen as a leader among their peers, and turn their enemies into friends.  Students will leave empowered through the Word of God to take action and show Christ's love towards one another.

Jeff's assembly program is designed for upper elementary, middle, and high school students.  The message is tailored to reach students in an entertaining way that is age appropriate.  Follow up materials are available following the assembly for students, parents, and educators.
(Duration:  30 - 60 minutes)


Key Content: 

  • Understanding social conflict in terms of "winning & losing"
  • Discerning Bullying Behavior vs. Criminal Behavior
  • Resilience: The secret to protect your feelings
  • Forgiveness: The secret to letting go of hurt
  • The Golden Rule: The secret to stop mean behavior
  • The Golden Rule Game: The fun and easy way to understand all of the above principles

Follow Up Materials:

  • Peace Cards:  Wallet-sized cards for every student that include social skills to respond to mean behavior, coping skills for dealing with stress,  a 24/7 crisis hotline, and a downloadable video from Jeff sharing the key points of the program through 1-on-1 teaching.  A perfect resource for any student who finds them self in need of help.
  • Discussion Guide:  Designed for classrooms and small groups, this guide reinforces the key points of Jeff's message and get students talking about what they learned.
  • Online Training Video:  Educators, parents, and mental health professionals will learn how to help students grow in their resilience and peacefully respond to social aggression.  This video is easy to distribute to staff and parents through an email newsletter.
Staff have told me that it was one of the BEST trainings by far that we have provided!
— Keri DeBruin, D.A. Blodgett - St. John's Home for Children

Professional Development Training for Educators and Mental Health Professionals

As a professional who has spent several years working on the front lines in schools and residential treatment programs, Jeff truly understands how it important it is to find simple techniques that will work right away!  His training seminar teaches educators and mental health professionals the most effective ways to empower young people to solve social conflict.

Unlike many programs that rely on school-wide systems and significant time to implement, Jeff's approach teaches you how to equip bullying victims with social and conflict resolution skills in as little as 15 minutes.  These techniques provide students with the skills needed to respond to social aggression and solve their own social problems.  This means that staff can focus on coaching and teaching rather than policing and enforcing.  When put into practice, these techniques will yield immediate results.  Jeff's training is full of laughter, audience participation, and role-playing of real-life scenarios.
(Duration:  60 minutes - 6 hours)

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My son used Jeff’s techniques at school and shared with me that his bullies no longer pick on him. Thank you so much for your help! It works!
— Marian, Mother of 11-year old

Parent Training

This training gives parents a deeper understanding about bullying.   Parents will learn the best ways to help their child solve social problems and how they can rehearse these skills at home.  Through role-playing common bullying scenarios they find that God's word offers a superior way to help their child respond to social aggression and grow in resilience. 

Many parents come to the training with pre-conceived notions of how schools should handle conflict, but leave with a completely new perspective that unites their efforts and the school's.  They share that Jeff's training is "eye-opening" and "completely changed" their outlook on bullying. (Duration:  60 - 90 minutes)


Entertainment & Inspiration


To learn more about booking Jeff as an illusionist, worship leader, or emcee for your next event please click the button below.

I had the privilege of enlisting Jeff as the host of a large weekend youth retreat and concert venue. Jeff’s manner was professional and he was well gifted at capturing and holding the attention of the crowd. He also performed an illusion for our audience which proved very captivating.
— John Grafton, SoulBlast Director