Elementary Assembly Program

Watch Jeff in Action

Teachers and students were emotionally touched by your presentation. Your presentation not only equipped our students with tools to defuse bullying, but teachers as well. Your profound steps made it simple and easy for any student to deal with bullying. Thank you!
— Dr. Henry Haye, Teacher, Windham Middle School

Key Content: 

  • What is Bullying?:  Simplifying a complicated issue.  Discerning bullying from simple disagreements.
  • The Peace Sign:  The two-step approach that uses social skills to stop mean behavior.
  • Cope for Hope:  Creative coping skills centered around your passions to release stress, manage emotions, and foster healing.
  • The Anger Illusion:  Why getting upset makes things worse.
  • Becoming Strong on the Inside:  How to protect your heart and change your mindset through resilience.
  • Love:  How compassion in action helps make friends and manage enemies.

Energy, laughter, and audience participation fill Jeff's elementary assembly program that teaches students how to make friends, manage enemies, and be strong on the inside.  

Through clean comedy, inspiring real-life stories, and evidence-based techniques, Jeff shares the social and emotional coping skills (or ninja skills, as he calls them) that help kids overcome bullying.  They are simple, practical, and easy to remember.  Jeff's fun-filled presentation also includes music and magic tricks/illusions, two things that Jeff used himself to emotionally cope in the midst of difficult circumstances.  He encourages students to engage their passions to cope with stressors in their life in a healthy way.

The program uses Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and resilience education to equip students with the skills that empower them to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems.  Students will learn how to grow in resilience, be seen as a leader among their peers, and turn their enemies into friends.

This assembly program can be presented for either lower elementary, upper elementary, or both together.  The message is designed to reach students is a way that is both entertaining and age-appropriate.

(Duration:  45 minutes or up to 60 minutes when including Q&A)

Jeff Veley teaches the Peace Sign Approach in his international award-winning bullying prevention program.  he travels from grand rapids, Mi and is a respected youth motivational speaker.

Follow Up Sessions:

  • Make Friends Like Magic:  This action-packed magic/illusion show is filled with amazing tricks that teach how to build healthy relationships, cope with stressors, and recognize their worth.  Students are encouraged to  "fill others buckets" with kindness, let stress out of their "emotional balloon" when it gets full, and dream big.  
  • Staff Training:  Jeff's professional development training teaches educators the best way to empower students with the "Peace Sign Approach" to bullying.  Your school will dramatically increase your effectiveness when you use the program's language and techniques consistently.  This is especially important for younger students.  Click here to learn more about Jeff's training for school staff.
  • Parent Training:  Parents will learn how to help their student manage challenging relationships and even stop sibling rivalry at home.  To learn more about Jeff's training for parents, click here.

Follow Up Materials:

  • Peace Cards:  Wallet-sized cards for every student that include social skills to respond to mean behavior, coping skills for dealing with stress,  a 24/7 crisis hotline, and a downloadable video from Jeff sharing the key points of the program through 1-on-1 teaching.  
  • Discussion Guide:  Designed for classrooms and small groups, this guide reinforces the key points of Jeff's message and get students talking about what they learned.
  • Online Training Videos:  Educators, parents, and students will learn the best way to grow resilience and peacefully respond to bullying/social aggression using the "Peace Sign Approach". These videos share the same information as Jeff's live talk but are condensed into nine minutes.  Perfect for classroom viewing and easy to distribute to staff and parents through an email newsletter.
  • Online Learning Library:  Unlock the full library featuring multiple training courses for students, parents, and educators taught by Jeff and other industry professionals.  Professionally filmed and organized by topic, so that you can easily find practical solutions fast.
  • Role-Playing Game:  Students will grow in resilience and learn social skills to de-escalate and solve conflict through this fun online role playing game, seen in Jeff's live program.  Place it on school issued devices such as tablets and Chromebooks.  Use the game as in the classroom as part of your social and emotional learning program and in the counseling office to empower students to solve their own social problems.